Noun/ser vivo que consumé a otros para sobrevivir.


Verb/desarrollar,crecer, hacer.


Verb/Incrementar o Aumentar


Adj/picante o picoso

Fernando Ojeda


noun /ˈkjuːkambə/ is a vegetable. Spanish: pepino.


/əˈraundwhen something surrounding a person or thing. Spanish: alrededor de.


noun /ˈpirəmid/ triangle shaped prism large. Spanish: piramide.


noun /ˈkəːtn/ cloth used to cover a window. Spanish: Cortina


noun /ˈaːkitekt/ person who designs buildings. Spanish: Arquitecto


noun /ˈpampkin/ orange fruit with round shape. Spanish: calabaza


noun /ˈmedəu/ where there is much grass. usually in the forest. Spanish: Prado


verb /smӕk/ when someone uses his hand to hit you subtly. Spanish: Dar una palmada.


noun /neil/ body part that is in your fingers and it's hard. Spanish: Uña


verb /diˈzain/ prepare something before taking it out. Spanish: Diseñar


noun /wiŋ/ part of a bird or any animal that can fly. Spanish: Ala


noun /ˈledʒənd/ history is not known if real, take long. Spanish: Leyenda


noun /ˈmirə/ where anything or anyone finds its reflection. Spanish: Espejo

Itzel K. Guzmán.


Noun, /sɒlt/   /sɑːlt/  a White substance that is added to food.

Spanish: Sal


Noun, verb, /ˈbʌt.ər/   /ˈbʌt̬.ɚ/ a soft yellow food made from crea mor milk.          Spanish: Mantequilla


Noun, /ˈsɒs.ɪdʒ/   /ˈsɑː.sɪdʒ/  a mixture of finely chopped meat, fat, bread.

Spanish: Salchicha


Noun, /təʊst/   /toʊst/ sliced bread made warm.  Spanish: Tostada

Carlos Mora

Johnatan Carrera sabado 28 de Junio _______________________________________


noun /ˈkӕridʒ/  the act or cost of conveying and delivering goods =transporte


noun /trein/  a railway/railroad engine with its carriages and/or trucks = tren


noun /van/ › a small vehicle for carrying goods on roads =camioneta


verb /ikˈspəuz/ › to uncover; to leave unprotected from (eg weather, danger, observation etc) =exponer


noun /ˈkarənsi, (American) ˈkəː-/ (plural currencies)› the money (notes and coins) of a country =moneda


noun /brein/ › (anatomy) the centre/center of the nervous system =cerebro


noun /nek/  (anatomy) the part of the body between the head and chest =cuello

Johnatan carrera Sabado 28 Junio _____________________________________________

Arturo Mendoza Rios


/lif:/ - tree leaf - hoja de árbol


/rais/ - increase in value - incrementar aumentar


/reis/ - raise your children - criar


/ - wavy heir - ondulado

Irys Durán Jiménez

1. Teens:

/tiːnz/ - the years of a person’s life between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, Definition- adolescencia

2. Tanned:

/tӕn/-  to become brown in the sun, Definition-broncearse

3. Short:

/ʃoːt/ - no long. Definition: corto 

4. Dark:

/daːk/-  a dark hair. Definition: oscuro 

Johnatan Estadio: stadium Edit

noun /ˈsteidiəm/ (plurals stadiums, stadia /-diə/)

A  large sports-ground or racecourse usually with seats for spectators


noun /ləˈɡuːn/

A shallow stretch of water separated from the sea by sandbanks, coral reefs etc. =laguna 


noun › the sport or business of catching fish =pesca


noun /ˈmӕnʃən/  a large (luxurious) house =mansión 


noun /ˈkaːsl/

› a large building strengthened against attack =castillo 


noun /həum/

› the house, town, country etc where a person etc, usually lives =casa

Beach  Playa

noun /biːtʃ/ › the sandy or stony shore of a sea or lake =playa


noun /siː/

› (often with the) the mass of salt water covering most of the Earth’s surface =mar 


noun /mauntən/ › a high hill =montaña


verb /diˈzəːt/ › to go away from and leave without help etc; to leave or abandon =abandonar


noun /taid/ › the regular, twice-a-day ebbing and flowing movement of the sea



verb /kəːl/ › to twist or turn (especially hair) into small coils or rolls =rizar, enrollar


noun /ɡeim/ › an enjoyable activity, which eg children play =juego

___________________________ johnatan ____________________________________________


noun /ˌpælionˈtolədʒi/ /ˌpeiliənˈtolədʒiː/

› the scientific study of fossils


For historical reasons, palaeontology is part of the geology departments of many universities.


noun /ˈrivə/

› a large stream of water flowing across country


The Thames is a river

the river Thames

the Hudson River

(also adjective) a river animal.


noun /leik/

› a large area of water surrounded by land


They go swimming in / sailing on the lake

Lake Michigan.

fisherman noun (plural fishermen)

› a person who fishes either as a job or as a hobby.



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Camp /kaemp/  vacation and take part in various activities.       Spanish= campamento.

Diver /daivǝ (r)/  the person who works underwater. Spanish= buzo

Adventure /ǝd´vent ǝ/  dangerous experience unusual. Spanish= aventura

Peaks  /pi:k/  the pointed top of a mountain. Spanish= pico o punta

Timid /´timId/  shy and nervous ; not brave. Spanish: Tímido

Cheerful  Uk //ˈtʃɪə.fəl/  US /ˈtʃɪr-/   happy and showing it by the way that you behave.  Spanish= alegre

Flood /flʌd/  a large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry. Spanish= Inundación

Skull  /skʌl/  the bone structure that forms the head. Spanish= cráneo

Carlos Mora

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= = poacher= = ˈpəʊ.tʃər who seek to eat spanish. depredador

= = humble = = hambl/ unimportant; having a low position in society spanish. humilde

= = bones = = /bəʊn/ any of the hard parts inside a human spanish. hueso

= = wavy = = weiv/ hair curve spanish. cabello quebrado

= = scruffy = = //ˈskrafi the person very dirty spanish. desalineado

= = believe = = /biˈliːv something as true spanish. creer

= = patient = = /ˈpeiʃənt the ability or willingness to be patient spanish. paciente

argelia sanher


verb/ ˈreskjuː / help a person in danger. Spanish: rescatar


adjective/ fit / person who makes much ejericio. Sanish: estar en forma


adjective / ˈstəːdi / person with a lot of muscle mass. Spanish: robusto


adjective / ˈhəʊm.ləs / person living on the street. Spanish: vagabundo

Monserrat Rodriguez 

prey Edit

noun /prei/ animal that hunts another spanish= presa 

slim Edit

adjective /slim/ Otherwise Fat spanish= delgado 

wrinkly Edit

noun [C] (also wrinklie) when you are already old spanish= arrugado 

aware Edit

adjective /əˈweə/ feels, thinks and acts with knowledge of what makes spanish= consciente 

Itzel Salazar Soriano 

sturdy</p> <p class="MsoNormal"> adjective /ˈstəːdi/ (comparative sturdier, superlative sturdiest) =  Robusto</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="line-height: normal;"> silk</p> <p class="MsoNormal"> noun /silk/ adjective (comparative silkier, superlative silkiest) = Sedoso </p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="line-height: normal;"> scar</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt; line-height: normal;"> noun /skarː/ (the mark that is left by a wound or sore) = Cicatriz</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="line-height: normal;"> freckle</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt; line-height: normal;"> noun /ˈfrekl/ (a small brown spot on the skin) = Peca</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt; line-height: normal;"></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt; line-height: normal;">Fernanda Herrera</p> </p>

== BONES == Edit

/Bons/ Part of the body. Structure. Hueso. Edit

== AWARENESS == Edit

/Awirnes/ Knowledge of something (dab or good) Conciencia. Edit

== LEAF == Edit

/Lif/ Color green. Part of the tree. Hoja (Hoja de árbol). Edit

== GRASS == Edit

/Gras/ Color green in the floor. Pasto/Hierba. Edit

Mayra Fel. Edit

Poison Edit

noun/ Poison/ any substance which causes death or illness when taken into the body. Spanish: veneno

Thin Edit

adj./ Thin/ (of people or animals) not fat. Spanish: delgado

Pale Edit

adj / pail / face color white. Spanish: palido

Smart Edit

adj / smart / formal clothes. Spanish: vestmentta formal.

Mariana Carballo.

viernes 27 de Junio del 2014 Edit

sausage Edit

noun/ ˈsɒs.ɪdʒ/ Animal products like sausage and ham. Spanish: embutidos

jam Edit

noun/ dʒæm / fruit cooked in sugar. Spanish: mermelada

engine Edit

noun/ en.dʒɪn / machine that produces energy. Spanish: motor

fuel Edit

noun/ fjʊəl / substance that burns and produces energy. Spanish: combustible

Monserrat Rodriguez


verb /rɑɪz/ grains, cereal spanish= arroz


noun /ˌɑ·vəˈkɑ·doʊ, ˌæv·ə-/ green fruit with bone spanish=aguacate


noun /ˈræzˌber·i, -bə·ri/ fruit of small size red colored spanish= franbuesas


noun  /ˈəʊ.bə.ʒiːn/ Large fruit purple spanish=berenjena

itzel salazar

Net Edit

noun/ net/ web internet. Spanish: Red

Beef Edit

adj/ bif/  the flesh of a bull or cow, used as food. Spanish: carne de res

Flour Edit

adj / flour/ wheat, or other cereal, ground into a powder and used for cooking, baking. Spanish: harina

Vegetables Edit

adj/ veshtables/ carrot, potatoes and tomatoes. Spanish: vegetales

Mariana Carballo.


/Red laits/ or /trafic laits/ It's a form with three colors (red, yellow and green) that say stop, precaution or continue. Semáforo.


/Lecshur/ Talk about something in front of audience. Conferencia.

Dairy Edit

/Deiry/ It comes to dairy derivatives like milk, butter, etc. Lácteo.


/Oubershins/ It is a vegetable. Outside is color purple and inside y like white or beige. It is some spicy. Berengena.

Mayra Fel.

Peanut /ˈpiː.nʌt/ (an oval-shaped nut that grows underground in pairs inside a thin brown shell: peanut/groundnut oil ) = Cacahuate

Pea /piː/ (a round, green seed, several of which grow in a pod, eaten as a vegetable) =Chicharo

Barley /ˈbɑː.li/ (a tall plant like grass with long, straight hairs growing from the head of each stem, or the grain from this plant, used for food and for making beer and whisky) = Cebada

Artichoke /ˈɑː.tɪ.tʃəʊk/ (a globe artichoke or Jerusalem artichoke) = Alcachofa

Fernanda Herrera F.

Monday, 30

greet Edit

verb /ɡriːt/ greet people Formal spanish =saludar

wind Edit

noun /wind/ mass movement of air in the atmosphere spanish= viento

tent Edit

noun /tent/ small portable house spanish= tienda de campaña

environment Edit

noun /inˈvaiərənmənt/ environment that determines the lifestyle society spanish=medio ambiente



noun/ ˈbӕriə / obstacle in the way. Spanish: barrera


noun / steit / place where people live. Spanis: Estado


noun / ˈfɒr.ən / people from different states. Spanish: extranjero


verb / liːd / Guide to an address. Spanish: llevar, conducir

Monserrat Rodriguez 


/Brist/ It is for woman or chicken. It is a part of the body. Pechuga. 


/Brededt/ Could be meat, fish or chicken in breadcrumbs. Milanesa. 


/Strongly disagri/ Which is disagree. Estoy en total desacuerdo. 


/Olso/ Like "to". También. 

Mayra Fel.   

   July 1    

treaty Edit

noun/ ˈtriːti  / official document. Spanish: tratado    

frontier Edit

noun /  ˈfrʌn.tɪər / barrier between two countries. Spanish: frontera    

propose Edit

verb / prəˈpəʊz / opinion of a person: propuesta.   

recover Edit

verb /  rəˈkavə / cope with a difficult situation. Spanish: recuperarse.   

Monserrat Rodriguez    

   AGREEMENT /əˈɡriː.mənt/ understanding between two people. ENTENDIMIENTO    ARRESTED  /əˈrest/ PERSON DETAINED. ARRESTADO

BORDERS /bɔː.dər/  he line that divides one country from another. FRONTERA

WAIR  /wɪər/  a wall built under the water across a river. PRESA


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